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Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

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The Animal X Natural Mystery Unit (AX NMU) is something quite different. There’s no other TV show like it. It has a unique ‘comic book’ style which is evident in its layout, its use of graphics and the ‘fairground’ or ‘freak show’  approach the host Bill Kerr brings with his narration style. Nevertheless the AX NMU investigations are genuine and contain some fascinating information that many people don’t know about. It can also be a bit scary….


Episode 1 Ghostly Creatures – Do you believe in ghosts? What about animal ghosts. Do animals have souls like us?

We visit the most haunted place in England Pengesick Castle in Cornwall. Not only is it supposed to be haunted by humanly ghosts but also by some very interesting animal ghosts too. Join us, if you dare, as we go ghost hunting.



Beast of Gevaudan

Episode 2 Monster or Murderer the Beast of Gevaudan – In the late 1700 some 270 people were killed by an unknown creature, thought to be a wolf.

This monster’s victims tended to be women and children. Was it a wolf? A shapeshifting werewolf or something even more evil. Join us as we visit Beast country. But be warned it’s scary stuff.




Episode 3 The Mystery of the Thylacine -The Thylacine A.K.A. Tasmanian Tiger is a marsupial, or rather, was a marsupial. It became official extinct in the 1930s. It was hunted to extinction. Humans thought it was a threat to sheep. But it wasn’t. In this episode Daniel and Natalie go to the south west of Australia to check out sightings there. Then travel to Victoria and Tasmania in their quest to find the Thylacine for themselves.



Texas Bigfoot

Episode 4 Texas Bigfoot – Bigfoot is found all over the US. From the Pacific north west to Florida’s everglades, to Texas. Thousands of people have eyeballed this illusive creature.

Animal X has been searching for Bigfoot all over America. This time Bill sends Natalie and Daniel to Texas to join Bigfoot researchers there, as they hunt for evidence of the big ape. There are some surprising and concerning results. Join them as they going in search of the Texas Bigfoot.




Episode 5 Mothman and other Winged Creatures – In the 60’s a creature scared a small American town so much books and films have been made about then incident. Mothman terrified scores of people over a period of time. As big as a man with the ability to flying as fast a car could go. But Mothman isn’t the only unidentified flying creatures this episode investigates.

There’s the mythical Thunderbirds, a witchy creature and UFOs filmed by the Mexican airforce.




Monsters of the Deep


Episode 6 Monsters of the Deep – Tales of sea monsters goes back hundreds of years. Most are thought to be tall tales told by old Tars.

But there are many that are thought to be true.

In this episode we investigate 3 modern day sightings of sea monsters.

One is in Wales in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 2 are in America including the San Francisco’s Golden gate Bridge monster.





Episode 7 Lizardmen and other Reptilian Creatures – Reptiles in human form. Aliens. Bipedal reptiles. Are Lizardmen among us?

Are primitive Reptoids roaming the American woods?

Is it true bipedal lizard-aliens abduct people and transport them to their spacecraft?




Episode 8 el Chupacabra – A name that strikes terror in to people the world over.

This vampire type creatures sucks its victims dry of blood. In some cases it even mysteriously manages to dissolve the victim’s internal organs and sucks them out too.

In this episode we look at the history of el Chupacabra and check out an attack on a woman  in Chile.


Animal Super Powers

Episode 9 Animal Super Powers – Scientist are looking to the animal world to help us explore space and a lot more. At the same time Shaman are using ancient methods to get in touch with our ‘animal totems’. Mysterious stuff.

In this episode we meet Harvard University scientist who is using dragonfly technology to design a special craft to help astronauts get around Mars.

And we investigate whether dolphins can read our minds.



Alien Big Cat

Episode 10 Alien Big Cats – All over Australia there are stories of Big Cats. Some are black like panthers. Others are mottled or sandy coloured.

Do they exist? if so where are they and how are they surviving?

These Alien Big Cats are thought to have escaped from traveling circuses in the 1950s and 60s. Others say the were let go by US war ships just before the battle of the Coral Sea in the 1940s.

Either way they shouldn’t be in Australia. These cats have killed an untold amount of livestock and many fear humans will be next.


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