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The Mystery of the Texas Bigfoot

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Texas Bigfoot

The Animal X- Natural Mystery Unit may finally have proof that Bigfoot, more properly known as the ‘Unidentified North American Primate’, is alive and well. Daniel and Natalie join Bigfoot researcher Chester Moore, who says he’s found the home of an elusive non-human primate at a secret location in Texas.

As they search for clues, our investigators are stalked by this unknown creature for more than 24 hours. They hear eerie night calls, see broken and twisted tree limbs.

While filming this episode Natalie sees something. They are convinced that it was Bigfoot she glimpsed disappearing into the forest.

Could the mysterious image captured on their cameras be the face of the Texas Bigfoot?

Are these animals an unidentified category of ape? Or maybe they’re the missing link that science has been looking for? Amongst those convinced that Bigfoot exists is a prominent American criminologist and fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt. This Police detective has no doubt that some footprint casts claimed to have been made by Bigfoot are genuine.

Join the team in the most exciting episode of Animal X to date.


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