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Animal X TV

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Animal X Classic series 1 & 2

So you like to watch Animal X, but can’t find it on TV.

You like strange and mysterious stories that sometimes can be a bit…. scary, but can’t seem to find many of them.

Well look no further here you can watch Animal X and similar videos and read about some interesting stuff as well.

There are stranger things in heaven and earth…. and you’ll find some of them here.

We have split the videos in to three streams. At the moment they are only available in English but other languages are following and episodes will soon begin to pop up in Russian, French and Spanish.

To find out when they are released or any other information about Animal X, mysterious nature, monsters, aliens and things that go bump in the night, become an a member. Just use you Facebook account to join.

In the meantime if you want to watch Animal X TV you can view by clicking on Monster Files and view by Monster type (like Bigfoot, Chupacabras, Lake Monsters etc) or click on the type of show you want to watch. Animal X Natural Mystery Unit 1 hour specials with Bill Kerr, Daniel and Natalie or click on Animal X Classic to watch the full length ½ hour episodes of the original series.

Or go down a little further and select from the various categories below.


Animal X – Monster Files

Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit

Animal X Classic



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