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Ghostly Creatures, Animal Ghosts

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Ghostly Creatures

Throughout history, humanity has been troubled by ghostly apparitions. Castles are said to be haunted for eternity by the souls of their original inhabitants. But are there such things as ghostly animals? When animals die can they too come back to haunt us?

The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit travels to Olde England where Daniel and Natalie visit some of the world’s most haunted locations and talk with witnesses and specialists about the animal ghosts that are known to haunt them.

At Pengersick , Britain’s most haunted castle, they encounter a strange voice speaking

ghostly cat

from beyond and capture ghostly Orbs on their infra-red stealth cameras. They join a team of psychics as they try to contact Britain’s last bear and meet a woman who has communicated with her dead animal companions.

Do animals have souls? Will The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit prove that animal ghosts exist?


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