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Mothman and Other Winged Creatures

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For as long as humans have walked this planet, we have been haunted by tales of mysterious winged beasts. Who is Mothman? Do Thunderbeings really exist? Is Mexico home to an unidentified Birdman?

The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit travels to Point Pleasant in the USA, where residents are still haunted by unexplained sightings of a mysterious winged creature they’ve called Mothman. In the 1960’s they watched in disbelief as this beast chased speeding cars and leapt onto the roofs of tall buildings.

Daniel and Natalie investigate the legend of the Thunderbird and talk with the Passamaquoddy tribe of Native Americans. Can their medicine men really transform themselves into giant winged Thunderbeings? They then travel to Mexico, where as recently as 2003, multiple sightings of winged humanoids were making headlines.

Will the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit solve the riddle of these winged creatures? Was there a government conspiracy to cover-up Mothman? How much of this mystery is real and how much folklore is behind the sightings of large winged creatures that are said to inhabit our skies?


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