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Animal X Files Are Open

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Animal X files are being opened with Animal X UnCut. A unique, new web based series.

Animal X is opening its files. and presents Animal X UnCut.

The Animal X Files are an archive of the middle to late 20th and 21st century’s most important international cryptozoology and mysterious nature’s oral and video history of stories, events and happenings. With this new series of Animal X UnCut video clips we are trying to preserve this unique collection; to create an online museum, if you like, of some of our most well known cryptozoological and mysterious nature stories.

If you are interested in cryptozoology, mysterious nature, paranormal, folklore the supernatural and monsters then you are invited to be part of this project by supporting the preservation of this collection please click the link at the bottom of the page for more details..

Animal X UnCut is a unique new web based series where you can watch interviews and sightings from Animal X and Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – uncut.

During the making of Animal X we have gathered 100’s of interviews with key people involved in many of the world’s most mysterious natural mysteries. From the Mothman Incident to sightings of extinct animals – the thylacine and megaladon and others.

From the halls of the most haunted castle in England to the hills of Gevaudan in France once home to a ferocious killer known as  Le Beta.

The subject matter is rich, varied and seemingly endless. See the full list of stories here.

Our interviewees include fingerprint experts, forensic psychologists, zoologists, biologists, astro physicists, mariners; experts and scientists of almost every kind; as well as eyewitnesses and victims who tell harrowing tales of terror and fear, including Alien abductees and people trapped and attacked by ferocious wild animals intent on killing them.

These interviews last between 40-60 minutes on average. Only a few minutes are used in an episode. Here’s your chance to see these interviews UNCUT.

Here you can look and listen for yourself to the whole interview. Gather the evidence from all of a store’s interviewees and draw your own conclusion. True or false. Fake or fiction. Kosher or not. Dinkum or BS.  You decide.

For example you will be able to watch uncut interviews with the people caught-up in the ‘Mothman Incident’. Eye witnesses who saw the San Francisco Bay Monster. People who have come face to face with Bigfoot. People who’ve seen a Thunderbird, monster sharks, giant lizards, killer crocodiles. Aliens, ghosts and various unknown creatures and apparitions.

What can I say? If you’re into the unknown, folklore, cryptozoology, paranormal, science, science-fiction, ghosts, aliens, conspiracies. This is the place for you. Enjoy. Don’t forget to sign-up to be notified of new uncut episodes.

French UFO

For the first time you can see uncut video of monsters and other unknown creatures and apparitions.

For the first time ever you’ll see uncut video of monsters and mysterious unknown creatures. As well as showing the video ‘as is’, we will also show enhancements like slow motion, freeze frames and zoomed in close-ups. Where possible.

As you can imagine it will take time to upload all these interviews and reported sightings. So Animal X Files – UnCut is a work in progress. An archive, if you like, of the 20th and 21st century most important international cryptozoology story collection. We are trying to preserve it as it is unique.

These stories include the best and most widely talked about events, places, sightings and happenings.

Megalodon the Super Predator

The infamous and deadly Chupacabra. The Jersey Devil, Goatman, Reptoids, Alien encounters and abductions. Cattle Mutilations, Men in Black, the Thylacine, Megaladon, and Bigfoot are just some of around 100 stories. See the full story list here

In short this is a collection of around 100 of the the modern world’s most mysterious natural mystery and monsters myths and legends.

And this is its home. Animal X.

In addition we have created another series called Cutting Room Floor. These are interesting moments that never made it into an episode.

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Here’s the collection so far.

Sea, Lake and River Monsters

San Francisco Bay Monster.

For decades a creature has been seen in San Francisco Bay. there are many, many reliable sightings including those of Bill and Bob Clark. Brothers who also happened to video tape not one monster, but maybe 4 or 5.

This is a good one. The more I look at the video the more I don’t think it’s birds. Add to that the two eyewitness accounts featured here. Bill and Bob Clark. As well as other reliable sightings. I think there’s something here worth further investigation.

What do you think?
















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