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Animal X is the original TV series that reports and investigates cryptozoology – strange animals and animal behaviour.

Animal X investigates strange and unexplainable sightings of creatures, monsters and unusual animal behaviour and phenomena from around the globe. Animal X attempts at getting to the bottom of the most baffling natural mysteries and phenomena.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum & Detective Jimmy Chicutt

Explaining, investigating and challenging accepted science, Animal X  investigating new innovations in thinking.

Animal X challenges its viewer to think. Then to think out side the box.

Animal X discusses and investigates sightings. Talks to eye witnesses and discusses and investigates alleged  cover ups that may exist.

As you venture in side this Animal X website you will find the classics; – Bigfoot, Yowie, Thunderbirds and Giant Squid stories. Investigate further and you will find other lesser-known cryptids such as the Jersey Devil, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Moa, Morgwar and Caddy, Hell Hounds and much more.

Phantom Black Dog

Other features inside include footage and pictures which never made it into the shows; full length interviews with Alien Abductees, Bigfoot eye witnessess and a lot more.

There is a news section where we post the latest stories we’ve heard about.

There’s a blog where you can login using you FaceBook ID and leave comments, join in the conversation and meet other people who are interested in cryptozoology, monsters, strange animals, weird nature, the paranormal, supernatural and sightings.

Here you can post your own sightings, start a discussion, discuss the latest

Luminous Scorpion – bioluminance.

cryptozoological news, and anything to do with mysterious and weird nature.

Use the navigation at the top to immerse yourself in the strange world that is Animal X.

There are a few hidden surprises, so be prepared. If you don’t come across this this time, well maybe next…. remember, there are stranger things in heaven and earth and you’ll see them on Animal X.




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