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Mystery of the Thylacine

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The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit puts its investigative skills to the ultimate test trying to track down a live Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger as they are also known. Experts say the last of its kind died in an Australian zoo in the 1930’s, but many believe this the last of the great meat eating marsupials is still alive and well.

Daniel and Natalie head into the wild Western Australian bush to talk with a farmer who swears he has seen the creature dozens of times stalking prey on his property. They discover footprints and scats that are just hours old. Could these have been made by a creature said to be extinct for 70 years?

As they travel this vast country meeting eyewitnesses, the evidence becomes more and more compelling. Dan and Nat uncover secret documents suggesting a population of Tasmanian Tigers was secretly released onto the mainland over 100 years ago. They meet a man who claims he wrestled with the creature and a respected wildlife officer who describes how he watched a Thylacine walking through the Tasmanian bush.
If it is out there, many believe that Tasmania’s pro-logging policy will eventually kill off any chance the species has for survival. Is the government trying to keep the existence of the Thylacine hidden? Many think so.
Is the Thylacine still out there? The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit investigates.


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