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Monsters of San Francisco Bay – Bob Clark UnCut Interview Part 2

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Part 2 of Bob Clark’s uncut interview about his sightings of the Monsters of San Francisco Bay.Where you surprised by what he thinks it is. Who knows? What do you think it is?

Is what they describe actually in the video? Could they have seen a monster up close and film a flock of birds in the distance? Or, do they have proof of a group of unknown animals? A collective of a mysterious, undiscovered species?

Look out for the interview with a world expert on forensic picture analysing. His findings will astonish.  Sign up to be notified when more clips are posted.

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Watch theAnimal X Natural Mystery Unit episode this story comes from – Monsters of the Deep.


Animal X

Monsters of the Deep.


The UnCut eyewitness accounts of brothers Bill & Bob Clark











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