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Minnesota Iceman, Psychic Pets, Golden Frogs

Posted on : September 3, 2016
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Posted by : AnimalX
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USA & Vietnam: Minnesota Iceman a Giant Ape Stories of unidentified giant hairy wildmen continue to mystify and fascinate us.

Best known as Bigfoot but also Yeti, Alma, Noy Rung, Yowie and Sasquatch, still no hard evidence exists to prove these creatures live on earth undiscovered. But in the late 1960’s, a creature, not quite human not quite ape, appeared in America frozen in a block of ice.

According to experts, it came from Vietnam and could be the missing link science has been searching for to solve the Bigfoot mystery once and for all. But almost as miraculously as it appeared — it disappeared perhaps burying the truth forever. Animal X travels to Vietnam to investigate the legend of The Minnesota Iceman in a quest for answers to this bizarre mystery.

USA: WEATHER PREDICTORS Are animals able to predict natural occurrences such as earthquakes and thunderstorms?

Is modern science overlooking a source of information, which could save not only time and money but lives? Animal X investigates the extra sensory perceptions of animals and their ability to predict extreme natural occurrences long before humans.

UK: GOLDEN FROGS And finally in Devonshire, England a half forgotten legend of the Golden Frogs comes to light once more with the appearance of strange coloured golden, pink, white and orange frogs throughout the area. Herpetologists and naturalists claim global warming or inbreeding could be to blame for this colour morphing, but cryptozoologists Jon Downes and Richard Freeman set out to prove that the ancient legend is based on truth and that this is no new phenomenon.

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