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Lizardmen, Reptilian Creatures & Alien Abductions

Posted on : September 3, 2016
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Posted by : AnimalX
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Episode 7# Reptilian Creatures

Are Lizardmen roaming the American woods? Is it true that aliens in the shape of lizards abduct humans and transport them to their spacecraft? Some people believe that a remnant of the dinosaur era may have survived the ages and continued to evolve into a humanoid being.

Daniel and Natalie are on a journey beyond known science to a world of Lizardmen and Aliens.

What was lurking in the Bishopville swamp that almost scared young Christopher Davis to death? The lie-detector test that police gave him proves beyond doubt that he saw something out there.

In this compelling episode, the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit talks to eyewitnesses who claim they’ve seen Reptoid Creatures standing more than 210 centimeters (7 feet) tall with glowing red eyes and scales. We meet people who tell stories of alien creatures coming into their bedroom at night and we analyze vision filmed by the Mexican Air Force that scientist can only explain as being UFO’s. Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.

We may not be alone in this universe and creatures from other planets may be visiting us here on Earth.

Please to let you know that Animal X Natural Mystery Unit is now available from Amazon. Here’s a link


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