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Komodo Dragon, Ghostly Lion, Canadian Lake Monster

Posted on : September 3, 2016
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Posted by : AnimalX
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1) Indonesia : KOMODO (DUR: 6’58)

It’s the world’s biggest reptile, capable of eating a whole deer and even water buffalo. A species that’s survived for some ten million years, the Komodo Dragon is without a doubt one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.

Animal X travelled to its homeland, Komodo Island to unravel the mystery and myth behind this enormous predatory lizard which has even been blamed for killing people including a Baron from Switzerland.

2) Zimbabwe : GHOSTLY LION (DUR: 7’48) For centuries, Zimbabwe’s Lion Cult has persisted in the belief that at times, special animals are possessed by the spirits of important ancestors. Taking the physical form of lions, these ancestral spirits roam the countryside interceding where necessary in the affairs of men. Animal X investigates the Lion Cult, telling the documented story of one such encounter with a Spirit Lion.

3) Canada : LAKE MONSTERS (DUR: 8’39) Thousands of lakes are scattered across Canada and the United States. Almost as numerous are the reports of huge and unexplained creatures that inhabit them. North America has produced more sightings of lake monsters than any other continent. Researchers speculate that populations of giant creatures found their way into the lakes when they were still arms of the sea. When the waters became freshwater lakes, the populations remained, feeding on the fish stocks and breeding. Some experts suggest they’re plesiosaurs, giant pre-historic reptiles left over from the Jurassic period. At Lake Champlain hundreds of people have reported seeing something more like a serpent. Tales go back as far as the seventeenth century. At nearby Lake Memphremagog strange creatures with long necks have also been reported since the early 1800’s. There are reports that the Indians wouldn’t bathe in the lake because they thought it was inhabited by a monster. The lake creatures remain elusive, seldom captured on film. A photograph taken in 1977 is a rare exception. Researchers believe it shows the long neck of a monster curved over its humped body in Lake Champlain. Sceptics dispute the authenticity of the photograph, but the sightings continue and the search for the truth goes on.

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