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Animal X NMU Reptilian Creatures Full Episode




Daniel and Natalie are on a journey beyond known science to a world of Lizardmen and Aliens.

What was lurking in the Bishopville swamp that almost scared young Christopher Davis to death?  The lie-detector test that police gave him proves beyond doubt that he saw something out there.

In this compelling episode, the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit talks to eyewitnesses who claim they’ve seen Reptoid Creatures standing more than 210 centimeters (7 feet) tall with glowing red eyes and scales.

We meet people who tell stories of alien creatures coming into their bedroom at night and we analyze vision filmed by the Mexican Air Force that scientist can only explain as being UFO’s.

Here’s the full length episode. Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.  We may not be alone in this universe and creatures from other planets may be visiting us here on Earth.

Posted on : September 3, 2016
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Animal X Series 1 Episode 8

The Salaawa is a mysterious paranormal creatures from ancient Egypt that is still walking the streets of Egypt today.

Dolphin therapy. Do dolphins have strange and mystical powers. Animal X investigates.

The Jersey Devil. This story from America and the state of New Jersey where we meet this scary monster.




Created and Produced By Mike Searle, DirectorsCarolyn Bertram & Mike Searle, Script by Carolyn Bertram, Mike Searle, Rob McGlynn, Presenters Bill Kerr, Natalie Schmitt, Daniel Searle, Director of Photography Jim Frater, Sound Recordist Steve Johns, Editor Henry Inglis, Animation Daniel Pita, Motion Graphics Daniel Pita, Hilary Bunt, Serena Sundai Series Producer Melanie Byres, Head of Production Ingo Helbig Associate Producer Natasha Burns, Production Managers Nora Devenish-Giacobini, Nicola Petit, Jane Farrow, Production Assistant Valeria Fernandez, Additional Cinematography, Ingo Helbig, Ross McLean, Daniel Searle Research Tony White, Yasmin Grey, Natasha Burns, Music Keith Van Geyzel, Tim Count,David Sandercock, Artwork William M. Rebsamen, Joshua Rowdon, Chris Bolton, John Morris Rhodes, Sound Post Production Hamdon Sound, Color Grading Jonathan Rowdon Additional Editing Ingo Helbig Assistant Editors Ben Przywolnik, Lee Chee Koon, Information Technology Regan Humphrys, Library Nick Pasquale, Make-up Lianna Fiocci, Hairdresser Lee Preston Hairdressing Australia, Auto cue Kim Herrington, Attachments Robert G Paparde, Hilary Bunt, Financial Controller Linda Searle, Business Affairs Robert G Paparde, Nora Devenish-Giacobini BA, Lawyer Ian Booth, Completion Guarantee First Australian Completion Bond Company Pty Ltd, Transcribers Alida Hazelgrove, William Storey, Robyn Marais, Shannon Helbig, Lee Petit, Mathew Kerly, Bianca Halliday, Jedeieh Berry, Actors Anwa Ahmed, Jonathan Rowdon, Sean Helbig, Thanks to U.S. National Park Service, Southwest Reptiles, Exeter, UK, Liston and Betty Truesdale, The Item Newspaper, Mary Rodwell – ACERN, Robert Swiatek – MUFON, For Animal Planet Supervising Producer Kelly Lueschow, Script Editor Lorraine DiRinezo

Produced with the Assistance of ScreenWest and LotteryWest



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