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Animal X Monster Files

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Bigfoot Files

Bigfoot Files

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Wildman, Noy Rung, Alma, Yowie and many others. Bigfoot has many names and seems to live in many countries. America, Russia, Australia, Nepal, Vietnam, and in some countries in Africa.

Bigfoot files has them all. So if you are interested in stories about unidentified large primates then this is for you.



Chupacabra Files

el Chupascabras or Goatsucker

Just the name Chupacabra scares many people. This  vampiric creature is seen from Texas to Chile.

It delights in sucking the blood from its victims, leaving them totally exsanguinated. Drained of blood. In some cases the internal organs have somehow been dissolved and sucked out by the Chupacabra.

Check out these files…. if you dare.



Lake & Sea Monsters Files

Monsters of the Deep

They are seen all over the world from Loch Ness in Scotland to Lake Van in Turkey. From Canada to Sweden. From the San Francisco Bay to the Docks of Wales.

Are they an undiscovered new species or an ancient remnant from the dinosaur age?

What ever these lake and sea monsters are there are plenty of people who have seen them.


Scary Monster Files

Scary Monster Files

Every hear of the Goatman. He is horrible. An American legend. You’ve got to watch it…

Or may be the Saalaw another horrible giant dog monster…. or maybe the Beast of Gevaudan….. killed nearly 300 people.

That’s just on land. Under the water there’s Megalodon the biggest shark that ever lived. Bigger than a whale. Could eat a VW Beetle in one bite. Very scary.


Ghostly Creatures Files

Daniel and Natalie investigating

Do you believe in ghosts? In this file you’ll find ghostly cats, ghostly lions, phantom dogs and devil dogs.

We meet people who have communicated with their dead pets. Have seen the ghost of their dead dog.

There’s some spooky and weird stuff in this file…..


Weird Nature and Natural Mysteries Files

Luminous Scorpion – bioluminance.

There’s some really weird stuff in this file too. Cows that have discovered the Elixir of Life. Scorpions that glow in the dark. Fish that fall from the sky. Frogs that live for hundreds of years locked in stone.

Are animals psychic? Can they read minds?

Some day dolphins can. And there’s a woman in New York who says her bird can read her mind. All these and more in these files….


Dog Files

Dog Files

Britain’s Phantom Black Dogs is just one of the scarier stories about dogs in this file.

There are many nice stories too. Like the Fizo the Wonder Dog who saved his owners life or the hypnotising dog.

There are many amazing stories about dogs that have done truly amazing things, proving the saying, there are stranger things in Heaven and Earth…..



Cat Files

ghostly cat

Its thought there are at least 2 billion cats in the world. That’s a lot of cats and a lot of stories. We’ve a a few of them here.

From the ghostly Black Cat of Killakee to the ghost hunting cat of Pengersick Castle the most haunted castle in England.

There are cat cults and Alien Big Cats that roam over many countries of the world. Did you know there was even a marsupial lion…. though he wasn’t really a cat. But you’ll find his story here too.


Nasty Nature Files

Nasty Nature Files

Nature can be nasty and unforgiving. Take the story of Michael Rockefeller believed taken by a crocodile in Papua New Guinea.

Then There’s New York model Ginger Meadows taken by a killer croc in north west Australia.

Then there are the animals which eat their own. The cannibal lovers…


Spooky Files

Spooky Files

There is a supernatural world you know….. don’t you believe me?  Check out some of these stories, they may make you stop and think….

Ever heard of Aboriginal Dreamtime? You will meet an Aboriginal Elder who will tell you about the mythical Rainbow Serpent.

In another story you will hear how it’s believed this mystical creature saved the lives of some cave divers. Spooky stuff….



UFO & Alien Files

UFO & Alien Files

What about Aliens? Do they exists.

Are there Lizardmen who abduct or kidnap people while they sleep? Is this true?

Who knows…. but you might like to look at these files where you’ll meet 2 people who claim they have been abducted by aliens, as well as a number of other people who believe they have met Aliens.

Look, listen, learn and make up your mind and let us know what you think.

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