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Monster or Murderer The Beast of Gevaudan

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Monster or Murderer

Beast of Gevaudan

Almost 250 years ago, a frightening creature lurking at the foot of the French Alps is said to have killed more than 300 people.  The creature has become known as the Beast of Gevaudan.

Daniel and Natalie step back in time to 18th century France where they visit the killing ground of this mysterious historical monster. Countless theories hang over the Beast’s identity. In a hunt for the truth, the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit talks with descendants of the Beast’s victims, local historians and animal experts.  As they trace the myth through historical documents and official royal records dating back to the 1760’s, they come across startling evidence about the true identity of this voracious killer.

Some say the beast was a wolf, others claim it was an exotic animal imported from a far away country. Was this really the work of a rogue animal with a taste for human blood or was a serial killer involved in this horrific killing spree?

The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit piece together the evidence in this fascinating investigation. Will they solve the mystery that has puzzled generations?



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