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So you like to watch Animal X, but can't find it on TV, and it's not alway possible to be near a computer you can use. So why not take it with you? Now you can enjoy Animal X anyway, anyhow, anywhere you choose, with the new Animal X iPhone and iPad App.

Click here to take a look:

Animal X App

Animal X is the original TV series that reports and investigates cryptozoology - strange animals, animal behaviour and natural mysteries. There are two Animal X styles. Animal X Classic and the Animal X Natural Mystery Unit, that's the series i am in.

Just click here Animal X Classic to check out the first 26 x half hour TV episodes. They are sometimes available as DVDs. Though sadly not at the moment. You can watch them here, or download the free Animal X App and watch them when ever you like.

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit consists of 10 x 1 hour specials. You can view details on these by clicking on the episode titles on the left of your screen. These too are sometimes available on DVDs (but not at the moment) .

You can watch the episodes here, on our YouTube channel Animal X TV or in the free Animal X App, or just click on one of the App Store logos. The App is free. Only for iPhone and iPad at the moment but other like Galaxy will be coming in a few weeks.

Animal X App

Back to the series. The case studies in Animal X Natural Mystery Unit are carried out by my two investigators – Daniel Searle and Natalie Schmitt.

The team is committed to getting to the bottom of the most baffling natural mysteries. Challenging accepted science. Challenging people to think out side the box, and exposing any cover ups that may exist.

Inside this Animal X website you will find the classics - Bigfoot, Yowie, Thunderbirds and Giant Squid stories. Look further and you will find other lesser-known cryptids such as the Jersey Devil, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Moa, Morgwar and Caddy.

Other features inside include footage and pictures which never made it into the series including full length interviews with Alien Abductees, Bigfoot eye witnessess and a lot more.

There is also a sightings and cryptozoological discussion board where you can post your own sightings, cryptozoological news, views on cryptozoological subject matter. Make sure you visit this part of the website so that we can send Dan and Nat to investigate your sightings.

Use the navigation at the top and left to immerse yourself in the strange world that is Animal X. Also don't for get the free App.

And remember, there are stranger things in heaven and earth and you'll see them on Animal X. Enjoy!

Bill Kerr

Take a look at the clips that are scattered through out the site. Just click on them to make them play.
Oh and don't forget to leave a comment. You can log in using your Facebook username and password.

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Interested in the wide world of wild animals and pets? Then check out our Animal Allies TV site. It's full of pet video clips, vet clips and clips about wild animals. It also has a number of neat How To care for you pet clips. So click on the picture below and visit


Animal X App

Now, no-one can tell you when and where you can watch Animal X.

No more waiting for TV stations to schedule another series.

Now you can watch Animal X on your iPhone or iPad for free, with the amazing new Animal X TV App.

Now you can watch Animal X anyway, anyhow, anywhere you choose.

Animal X App

You can watch Bigfoot stories Lake Monster stories Chupacabras stories Alien stories, Ghost stories Scary stories.

Anytime you like


You can go anywhere, anywhere you choose.

You can live anyhow, win or lose.

You can go anywhere, for something new.....and now you can take Animal X with you and watch it.....

Anyway, anyhow, anywhere you choose....

(respect to Pete Townsend & Roger Daltry and The Who)

There are stranger tbings in heavan and earth....

and you'll see some of them on Animal X

Get the App now it's FREE

Animal X App


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