The Face of Bigfoot


Is this the face of Bigfoot? We think so……..

This picture was captured on a recent expedition to a secret location in the US by the ANIMAL X - NATURAL MYSTERY UNIT accompanied by Bigfoot researcher Chester Moore.

The vision of Bigfoot’s face will appear in a new episode of Storyteller Media Group’s internationally acclaimed long running cult series Animal X – The Natural Mystery Unit.

The new series premieres in the US on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet on Monday 21st March 2005.

The series, hosted by arguably Australia’s oldest working actor, Bill Kerr (Year of Living Dangerously, Gallipoli, Changi, Dam Busters, Hancock’s Half Hour etc) with investigators Natalie Schmitt (Zoologist and Animal Behaviourist) and Daniel Searle (Cinematographer and Naturalist), investigates some of nature’s most intriguing mysteries.

During the filming the crew was stalked by the creature, which also displayed defensive behavior. This behavior was in the form of vocalizing and tree and branch braking. It’s also thought the creature may have taken one of its high tech stealth cameras, left in the bush to capture the creature on video tape.

The episode titled "Texas Bigfoot" follows the crew’s journey into a forest at an undisclosed destination. During this time they had a number of encounters with a large unknown animal, believed to be an un-described North American Primate known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The still attached is from a sequence of around 12 frames of video which captured the creature as the cameraman swung around to where investigator Natalie Schmitt was pointing. She had been speaking to camera with investigator and cinematographer Daniel Searle when she spotted the creature moving in the bush.

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