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Dan believes nature is full of amazing mysteries that we are onlyjust learning about today. As an AXNMU investigator, he has a burning hunger to help solve these mysteries and discover new species. Dan has been with Animal X since Series One. He is Dedicated to uncovering undeniable proof that we share our world with many bizarre and mysterious species.

Dan is an expert when it coes to the equipment the team uses on its expeditions.

Armed with state-of-the-art technology, Dan operates a range of infrared, nightscope, heat activiated, themal imaging and high definition cameras, as well as audio recording equipment.

Camping World

Nat is a Zoologist and Animal Behaviourist. As a scientist, she wants absolute proof that these unknown and undiscovered species exist in more that folklore and rumour. Nat provides the AXNMU with a scientific opinion for their investigations – looking at evidence and listening to eyewitness testimonies with a focus on her field of expertise.

Nat and Dan travel the world on exhausting expeditions as they search for concusive proof of cryptozoological beasts, such as the Mothman, Thunderbirds, Sasquatch, Lake Monsters and Chupacabras.

daniel and natalie

They travel back in time to investigate historical mysteries like The Beast of Gevaudan.

Dan and Nat meet eyewitnesses from Australia, France, England, Mexico, Wales, Chile and the USA to hearing amazing tales of mysterious encounters with creatures unknown.

And during this quest to find the truth about these sightings, the team is always armed with fascinating technology such as:

-The latest thermal imaging units from FLIR
-Motion Sensor Cameras
-Infra red video and stills cameras
-Lures such as pheromone chips for attracting animals like Bigfoot
-Playback audio equipment and recorded calls
from the Animal X Files

camera traps and special imaging cameras

Dan and Nat are also supported by local investigators including:

*Chester Moore in the USA who helps the AXNMU investigate local sightings and prove that Bigfoot lives in Texas.

*Lloyd Poke and Syd Slee in Australia who opened their properties to Dan and Nat to facilitate the search of the Tasmanian Tiger.

*Jeff Wamsley in the USA who guides Dan and Nat around the small town of Point Pleasant - home to more than 300 sightings of a large winged humanoid in the 1960s. The AXNMU hunts for the Mothman.

*Jaime Ferrer in South America - a paranormal investigator who has devoted his life to documenting the movements of vampiric like creatures – the Chupacabras in Chile.

Animal X
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Nat and Dan take a close look at a carcass found in an area where the Thylacine/Tasmanian Tiger has been spotted multiple times.

Dan sets up camera traps to try and capture proof of Big Cats in the Australian bush.

AXNMU try to recapture the feel of the victims of the Beast of Gevaudan.

Nat and Dan are accompanied by a film crew documenting their investigations as they travel the world.

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